Friday, April 14, 2017

new album

we have new music entering the world via the flenser, the beloved bay area record label.  the release date will be june 16. 

'psychic drift' is four longer pieces, two on each side.  dana and myself (kevin) played on these recordings. 

the album artwork was created by robert beatty.  check out his other work here:

pre-orders can be done through the label directly.

you can hear one of the songs here:

some performances will accompany this release.  more details on that subject in the coming weeks.


  1. hello guys... your new album is great... tremendous noises, i think this is the album of the year among noise rock trashes.
    your song "Korea", is it about the Korean War? i'm just asking because i'm korean. hope to see your live performance, that will be ineffable, though i know already that noise rock show in korea is almost unrealistic thing...
    anyway thanks for such an overwhelming music... keep going...


    1. that one is not about the korean war. i (kevin) was in seoul a few years ago and got very very sick. that experience forms the basis of the lyrics.

    2. you were in seoul before? sounds interesting, cause i've been live in seoul almost thirty years now...