selected press


Magnet, 'White Suns, "Totem"', April 2014, Raymond Cummings
"The maelstrom leaves a mark."

Tiny Mix Tapes, 'White Suns, "Totem"', March 2014, Simon Chandler
"...a furious purgative or ipecac that, if only for 40 minutes, will help us forget our own contrivance."

Maximum Rocknroll, 'White Suns, "Sinews"', August 2012, Layla Gibbon
"It's dense and unrelenting, a summer jam record for the black turtleneck conspiracy theory set."

Dusted Magazine, 'White Suns, "Sinews"', June 14, 2012, Brad Cohan
"The ostensible soundtrack for the apocalypse."

Tiny Mix Tapes, 'White Suns, "Sinews"', June 13, 2012, Paul Haney
"Sinews wastes no space in articulating its demanding and defiant disorder."

SPIN, 'White Suns "Sinews"', April 20, 2012, Chris Weingarten
"An expressionist masterwork."

Pitchfork, 'The Out Door #16', August 5, 2011, Marc Masters
"White Suns have discovered an exact midpoint where noise's anarchy can squeeze inside the lines of muscular punk."

The New Yorker, 'Night Life', February 15, 2010
"The Brooklyn trio White Suns launch a pummeling sonic blitzkrieg, replete with the clatter of buzz-saw guitars and tumultuous percussion; survivors of their raucous live sets (not to mention this scummy venue [Silent Barn]) should get a medal."

NME, 'A Different Class', October 25, 2008
"White Suns sound like Wolf Eyes covering 'Confusion Is Sex'-era Sonic Youth but with an outcome that is a hundred times more primal and exciting than you could possibly imagine."


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